Guest Bloggers and Teachers from Around the World!

 I have some exciting news to share! There has been so much interest in sharing teaching experiences from around the world that our guest blog posts will begin this Wednesday, June 22nd! They will run until the beginning of September, so you can keep busy reading throughout the summer!

Each week, on Wednesday, there will a new guest blogger sharing their experience and perspective of teaching abroad.  I encourage you to open your mind to reading about all these different places, as we have so many preconceived notions built from the media and other sources. I bet they will surprise you!

Our first post is written by Siham Ouri who is currently teaching in Saudi Arabia. Next week, Emma will be telling us about teaching in Brunei! (Type it in to google if you don't know where it is :) ) Following these wonderful ladies we will have writers from other areas in Asia, Australia, South and Central America, Africa and Europe!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy hearing from these awesome international teachers!

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