NEW: TpT Seller's Binder

I am SO excited to announce that I have completed a resource that will change the way manage your TpT stats, expenses, and overall, all those confusing numbers!!

I love to be organized, and more than that, I still love using pencil [or colourful pens] and paper! Technology is GREAT, but sometimes I just need to write things down. This is why I created this seller's binder for Teachers Pay Teachers Teacher-Authors [and for myself, at first!]. This also could have a little to do with my computer crashing two weeks ago and the technicians having to wipe it! [Don't worry, I backed it all up... but it got me thinking.] I really wanted a way to keep everything in one place, the way I have a planner as a teacher. So, let me show you all it's awesome features!

Please Note: All numbers, names of products, etc. in these pictures have been made up. They are not a representation of anyone's sales or products.

Month at a Glance

This is one of my favourite parts, so I'm going to start with it! This Month at a Glance gives you a snapshot of how you've done that month. It lets you track tons of things including your best selling product, the followers you've gained on all types of social media, your monthly earnings and also includes a to-do list in case you think of anything that needs attention when reviewing your month!


(May 2016-Dec 2017)

There are monthly calendars (currently from this month until Dec 2017) where you can plan product releases, schedule blog posts, and see upcoming holidays that may affect your TpT-ing! The calendar is across two pages so there is lots of room to write,

Double Page Monthly Calendars


To Do Lists & Planning Sheets

There are 4 options of to do lists, including To Do, TpT Ideas and Blog Posts. You can keep all of your information sorted neatly and organized this way! You can put one list between each month and use them monthly, or however else you choose. There are also planning sheets for your TpT products and blog posts!


Expenses and Earnings Tracking Sheets

There are 8 different expenses and earnings sheets included so that you can keep track of what you spend (and on what!) each month, year and all time. This will help you figure out how much you are actually making. The nice thing about tracking your expenses as you spend them is that if you redeem TpT credits you can record that, so it does not affect your overall net income. You will actually find out how much you are making each month, year and since you opened your TpT store! The great thing about this is that you can continue to add sheets whenever you need them (each month or year), so you can continue to use this binder for as long as you are a TpT seller!

Monthly, Yearly and All Time Expense and Earnings tracking sheets


Social Media Tracking Sheets

Another one of my favorite parts are the Social Media Tracking Sheets. I know we always like to keep track of how our social media influence is progressing, because that ultimately increases your sales! These sheets will allow you to record the most important stats from each type of social media including two sheets for TpT, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and your blog! There is an option to record monthly or to write the dates in as you please.

TpT Seller's Binder Social Media Tracking Sheets

The product includes instructions on where you can find all of these stats, especially for TpT.  As often as you want, you can also export your specific product statistics from your TpT account. There are a few specific sheets just for TpT stats.

TpT Easy to use Tracking Sheets

Some other features of this seller's binder include tracking sheets for contests, giveaways, guest bloggers, TpT sales and linky parties held by yourself or others. There is also a password keeper where you can keep track of all your usernames and passwords. If you are anything like me, it's hard to remember them all - especially when you are a TpT Teacher-Author and you are trying to keep track of everything you've got going on!

The product comes with all files individually so you can create a custom binder to suit your own needs. It is also printer friendly, and has half page options so you can save paper! Not too much colour, so you can have lots of fun with your coloured pens! I know we all have them!

The reason I really love this product is because I have made something for myself that has helped me organize things and get serious about improving my TpT store. It is so easy to use, and lays everything out in one place. I can reflect on my progress on a larger scale. Sometimes you have to step back to see the full picture, and I bet it will look nice!!!

I hope you will enjoy this product as much as I have!

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