Improving Comprehension: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my Improving Reading Comprehension Series!

You can find Part 1 here. I got a lot of awesome feedback, so thank you!

Purpose of Inquiry

The purpose of this inquiry is to find the correlation between reading fluency and reading comprehension in first language Arabic speaking ELL students, and what specific strategies allow for improvement of this relationship.

I hypothesize that the correlation between reading fluency and reading comprehension in ELL students is weaker than those of first language English speakers, therefore suggesting that traditional reading fluency assessments and strategies may not accurately predict or strengthen reading comprehension in ELL students. This may also mean that traditional reading fluency and comprehension strategies that are currently used for these students may not be the most effective. 


To begin my inquiry, I will use a traditional (American) reading fluency benchmark assessment to assess student readings levels, words per minute, ability to retell and comprehension of the text. The assessment being used is the Journeys benchmark assessment by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. This information will give me a basis to draw conclusions from, and show the connection between the students' reading fluency and their comprehension. This data will also be compared to data taken at the beginning of the school year to outline progress made and what strategies may have been responsible for that growth. 

*Although the students in this study are in Grade 5, the study will use the Grade 4 reading passages in order to more easily access the text. The data will come from one fiction text and one non-fiction text.

Once the data has been reflected on, I will outline some if/then statements that I will try in my classroom.  I will document this information with anecdotal notes, pictures and work samples to show whether a strategy was useful or not, and what next steps could be taken. Look for this evidence in next Friday's post - Part 3!

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