Five For Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! It has been a super busy week for me, and I'm sure for you as well! School ends {technically} on June 24th, however Ramadan begins at the beginning of June, so we cannot count on the students showing up after that! We are busy preparing for the possible end of the year! I can't believe how fast this year has gone!
I am conducting an independent study about reading as I work on my Reading Specialization in Canada. I am working on a series of 5 blog posts to share what I learn over the course of my inquiry. To begin, I would LOVE your feedback and to hear your experiences teaching ELL (or ESL) students. Please click the picture, and leave your comments at the bottom!

On Thursday we had our International Day! Our class chose to celebrate Italy, so we had been learning about it for a few weeks. We had an awesome day and the kids were able to visit a few other countries as well!

Italian Soda

Italy Cake
 One of the students was so excited for her mom to make us a cake! She loves to bake and always sends special cakes for our celebrations. This one features the Rialto bridge and a gondola in V
Classroom Door
 Our classroom door feature a map with some important cities and information the students found and put together. We painted our hands like the flag and put our whole class' hand prints around the edge as a border!
Italy coloured nails!

Making masks for the Venice Carnival! 

SOMEHOW I forgot to take a picture of the amazing spread of food we had.. I was too busy eating it! Pizza, Pasta, Tiramisu.. yum! :)
Some of us still have a few more weeks (or in our case a month and a half!!!) left of school. If you're counting down and need something to wrap up the end of the year and let the students show what they know, here are two fun options for you! My kids have loved them both. They are both no-prep and ready to print! Less work for you!!

We are beginning another comic strip next week!!

We've been working on poetry recently and I am so proud of the kids!! They are doing really well. At the beginning of the poetry unit all I heard was "Miss I cannot write poems!"... Now when I ask them to write a poem, all I hear is "Yaaay"! We are putting together our poetry booklets so each student can have a collection of their favourite poems they have written!

Last weekend we had a long weekend, so we spent the weekend on a dreamy beach in Goa, India! We left Wednesday night and returned late Saturday night, just in time to get back to work! There were about 10 of us that went for my roommate's 30th birthday! It was so relaxing, and affordable! All we did was sit, eat, read, play in the waves and play some competitive beach volleyball!

I bought two of these mugs. They were too cute not to!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. That beverage in the Goa mug looks delish!

    1. Milk tea ;) I'll make you some in the Goa mug when you come visit Canada at Christmas! :D