Game Board Culminating Activity

You're a teacher. The end of the year is coming. You're tired, and your mind is quickly moving into "summer mode".  How are you going to tie it all together? Let me tell you! With a fun [no prep for you] board game where students can show what they know!
It is completely ready to print, differentiated and all! Students will create questions about anything they have learned in the past term, and you can choose what subjects to include. Click any of the pictures below for a closer look!

The student explanation sheet has blank spaces for you to modify the project to fit the needs of your class. You can decide how many question cards are needed and what subjects the students will write questions about. Also included are three different rubrics - one marked using points and two marked used 4 levels. One leveled rubric includes a self and peer assessment, while the other doesn't.

Students will be required to complete a planning sheet where they will decide on a theme, and also complete a rules sheet. The good copy can be included in the final game package so others will know how to play! There are explicit teacher instructions included in the download.

These little ones decided on a transportation theme. They made their game board into a road, and their game pieces were modes of transportation: a car, bus, train, plane and helicopter. They made their question cards in the shapes of cars. You could even stop at Starbucks on your way around the track. :)

Very colourful! They loved decorating the game boards.

Reading each other questions to move ahead on the board. They loved to play each others games afterwards! This was a true test to see if their instructions were clear enough for another group to understand.

So excited they are crawling on the desks!
I hope you and your class enjoy this activity as much as we did! It will be something I will keep using for a long time to come, and I hope you will too!

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