Five for Friday

My Friday has come and gone so quickly!!! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend :)
Check out MY NEW BLOG DESIGN! I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Kristen at Chalk & Apples for my amazing new blog design!!!!! I am so excited. I love it! Kristen is so great to work with - very accommodating and knowledgeable! If you are thinking of a new custom blog design, or maybe just a refresher for your current blog, I would highly recommend her!

My family has come to visit me in the UAE! Because of this, I won't be updating as often. But don't worry, you will still get your first of the month freebie!! Look for that on April 1st. Is it really almost April already??? 
My family arrived on Wednesday night and came to school with me on Thursday to meet my students! It was great, but they were super tired. Yesterday we went out to the desert, saw some camels and the beautiful Liwa dunes. Last night we had a BBQ with a bunch of my friends here! I have a lot more planned for them this week! Next Friday we are headed out on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. We depart from Barcelona, and we are hitting Marseilles, Genoa, Rome, Palermo and Malta! My brother and best friend Emma will be joining us too!! I can't wait!!! I will be back on April 2nd, so expect an update blog post that following week with all the adventures we went on!! I will also be updating on Instagram, if you want to follow along! @wordwallsandwanderlust

Mr. Yousef at the Camel Farm on the way to Tal Moreb (Moreeb Dune)

We have been working hard on our biographies this past week, and will continue to work on them this week. These students find researching quite difficult, and I found it difficult to find reading passages about American leaders that were at the right reading level for the students (granted they are also ESL!) Overall, I have had to provide more help than I wanted to.. I was hoping they would be more independent on this one. But that's okay, sometimes things just don't work out the way you have planned them. :)

Researching for their biographies on George Washington.
Don't you love when they are working so well together?

If you're interested in an American Revolution Biography about influential leaders, with templates for gather research, planning and publishing, click here! A rubric is included too.

Next week is Spring Break, and we just got told we are doing our second round of MAPS testing! We started on Thursday. I don't know if any of you also do MAPS, but I was pretty proud of the girls when 4 of them jumped 13 points in Language! We have Math this week, and Reading after Spring Break. The students also have to do an Arabic test on Sunday morning. Poor things will be tested out! I am going to make them cookies on Monday.

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about my blog, in case you weren't sure :) The aim of my blog is to update you with teaching ideas, resources, activities, etc. but also to show you about new places around the world. It is meant to be an education + travel blog, because these are my two biggest passions. Even if you are not a traveler, maybe it is cool for you to learn about the places around the world that I have been to! I have learned so much about myself, life and the world by exploring all of these countries, and I want to share those experiences with you too!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Talk to you soon :) 


  1. Hi, Lindsay!
    I'm so glad I stopped by! I love your new blog design. Enjoy you cruise!

    Stacy @Made with Love

  2. Cute camel. They are such funny critters. Have a great cruise. Sounds amazing.

    1. They really are! Apparently very smart too.. they wander around and somehow always find their way home.
      Thanks Amy!

  3. Get it girl! Looking forward to seeing what you are up to at school and around the world. Love the blog design :)