Five For Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

As you already know, our work week here is Sunday to Thursday. On Tuesday night we had a HUGE storm! The wind was stronger than I have ever seen it, and things were flying everywhere! The housing here is NOT made for rain since we only get it once or twice a year... Needless to say ALL of our flats/villas were flooded! Our kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms flooded from about an hour of heavy downpour. School was closed Wednesday and Thursday.. 4 day weekend!
You get snow days, we get rain days!!!

Check out this video of the wind outside my flat the day AFTER the storm!

 We just finished making comic strips in our classroom that turned out a lot better than I thought they would. Turns out it is pretty tough to teach ESL students in a country half way across the world about a country they have never been to!! I was so proud of them :) Most of them chose to create their comic about the Boston Tea Party, but I was fine with that! 
If you need something to sum up the students understanding of the revolution, check out my product below! There are tons of choices for your choosing pleasure - planning sheets, number of frames and rubrics! Click the picture to check out this awesome product!

I just finished my first online diving e-learning course! This weekend my friends and I are completing the confined pool dives and the last three open water dives to complete the course fully! We are going on a cruise for spring break and we are going to be diving in Malta next! I am super excited. I challenge you to try something new!!!
photo credit: Cayman 2015 via photopin (license)

 Next week we are starting biographies on George Washington! I am working on a packet now with three differentiated levels for my students. Then, we're going to get together with the other classes and teach them about George Washington. Each class will choose an influential leader during the American Revolution and they will teach our class as well! Who doesn't love grade-level wide jigsaw??

Just sharing this mailbox idea that I found at the beginning of this year, and it has been life changing!!! If you don't have student mailboxes, I highly recommend it. It cuts down on so much wasted administrative time during class! On Sunday mornings my students fill out their planner for the week and their planner goes in their mailbox every morning. The weekly newsletter goes in there every Sunday afternoon. Any homework books or sheets that need to go home are put there. 

Bonus #6: I just got Instagram! Come follow me :) @wordwallsandwanderlust

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Oh My! So sorry to hear about your unfortunate weather! RAIN DAYS??? Where are you? I love the comic strips they really turned out nicely! I hope the sun can brighten your weekend!

    1. I am in Abu Dhabi, in the Middle East! It rarely ever rains here, and nothing is built to withstand the water!! If it rains the sun usually soaks it up pretty fast, but not this time! Thanks :) The weekend was great!

  2. Happy diving! I have family members who absolutely love it. Me? I can't swim!!! See you around. Kathleen

    1. Thanks! I was worried at first for sure, but once you feel the feeling of breathing underwater, you want to do it again and again! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!