Five for Friday!

Here we go - Happy Friday everyone!

The kids brought in their iPads yesterday for the first time this year (we don't have access to any at school and all the kids own an iPad or a tablet!) It went great! I was able to introduce some apps for them to practice their word skills and math skills. Some of the FREE apps we used included:
  • One Minute Reader - to practice fluency - 5 levels and only 1 free book available per level, but still worth it!)
  • Bluster - 3 levels, kids can find synonyms, words with prefixes/suffixes, rhyming words, etc
  • Sushi Monster - the monster holds the answer to the question and the students find the numbers that make that answer (addition or multiplication) - this is a Scholastic app
  • Mathmateer - a variety of math skills 
  • Let's Do Math - mostly operations practice
Do you have any app recommendations??

Independent Reading this year is going GREAT this year! My kids have Interactive Reader's Notebooks with a section for mini lessons and a section for letters where we write back and forth about our thoughts during reading. We did a lot of talking about loud about our thoughts first, since all my students are ELL. (My phone died and I am without my charger.. apparently no one has iPhone 4s anymore!! What I'm trying to get at is... pictures will have to wait!)

Okay, I did it. I finally upgraded my membership on TpT to Premium. What was I waiting for?!
I know it's not really that time of year, but you know when something is just bothering you and you need to get it done? I had to update this fractions unit I had made last year when I taught Grade 3. It was driving me CRAZY! Now I can feel better about moving on to something new! Me and my kids are loving working with Interactive Notebooks. :)

Here is a video from Upworthy that I just had to share! It's not always easy, but we as teachers need to always remember that our students think differently than us.

Thanks for stopping by! :) Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. I've always wanted to create reading journals with my students in our Reading Intervention class! Also, LOVE the math apps...Sushi Monster is a favorite in the upper grades at my school!

    Perfectly Peeps

    1. Hi Pili! The reading notebooks took a lot to set up, but they are definitely worth it once the ground work is set! You should try it! I find the math apps great practice while the kids still think they are playing a game!!