A Weekend Trip to Jordan!

       This past weekend we had a long weekend due to Islamic New Year! So of course, we like to take advantage of our time off. My boyfriend (Jason) and I were planning to go to Jordan, but of course life got in the way and his visa was not ready in time. The struggles of living abroad! Luckily, two of my friends were going at the same time and were nice enough to let me join them!
This is a picture of us with the Dead Sea in the background (I'm in the middle). The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth. It was a pretty cool experience to float in the water! You can't stand up and reach the bottom, you stay at the surface, sort of like what it feels like to try to push a rubber tube under water. The water is so salty that you CANNOT get it in your eyes or mouth, or you will have a BIG problem!!! We got to go 'mudding' too.. basically smear mud all over yourself. Then, wash it off in the salt water! Your skin feels great afterwards.

We also went to Petra, which was really cool. There was a long and scenic drive on the way there through beautiful mountains!

Photography is another one of my interests... but only because my camera makes me feel like a professional photographer, when I am clearly not!!! Anyways, the drive was gorgeous, and then we reached Petra. If you have seen one of the Indiana Jones movies, this is in it!

Can you believe people carved this out of sandstone over 2300 years ago?!? It was way bigger in real life than I had expected it to be. What a cool experience! I wish we had more time to look around, as Petra is HUGE! We only saw a small part of it in 3 hours. Better than nothing, though!

Overall we had an awesome trip, despite a few hiccups with the hotels and airports! No need to go into detail.. I am looking forward to mine and Jason's next trip to the Maldives in December!

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